Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial part of any Ecommerce business strategy and forms the foundations for optimised, organic search results. As a team of dedicated SEO consultants, our priority is to establish your brand within the market through effective, data-driven SEO. Utilising best-practice techniques and industry knowledge, our SEO experts will effectively drive engaged traffic to your site, increase sales, and build site and brand authority within your market.
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SEO Key Outcomes

Key Outcomes

Get ahead in the market with leading, industry SEO experts assisting you along the way. We strive to deliver results built on quantifiable data, researched, and implemented to the highest industry standard. Grow your reach, authority, rankings, and conversions through a dedicated SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

Whether you’re looking for assistance with your website schema or planning a site migration, our team of SEO consultants can assist with all forms of technical SEO. Through a range of projects, including technical optimisation and website auditing, our dedicated team can pinpoint your business’ technical SEO fixes to ensure search engines like Google can properly index and crawl your site, improving overall rankings and authority.

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Content Production & Optimisation

From blog articles to onsite metadata and on-page copy, our team of specialist SEO content writers work with your business to ensure you capture qualified traffic. Optimising content through best practice standards helps to improve your brand’s competitiveness in the market and target more specific long-tail keywords for better rankings. Our team can assist with producing quality, customer-driven content that is informative and aligns with your brand’s tone of voice.

SEO Analytics

We are a team that is driven by industry and competitor insights. Our recommendations, projects and strategies are informed by the latest data. While working with our SEO team, you will be given firsthand data that is intuitive and highly authoritative, gathered through a range of platforms and industry-leading tools. We work to report your organic search channel accurately and with transparency, so not only will your business receive excellent results through our strategic planning and execution of projects, but will be accompanied by the data and reporting to back up our claims.

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Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO

Creating video content is an investment, and our team will help ensure your brand content is surfacing on the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, YouTube. From working with you in the pre-production phase to identify top queries that should be answered with video content all the way through to transcript reviews and keyword tagging your videos. Our SEO Video Audit will support your YouTube visibility as well as provide recommendations on how to maximise your onsite video content.

Local SEO

At Pattern we work with some of the biggest national retailers in Australia who have a large store network across the country. Our SEO specialists will ensure you have your local store listings set up to maximise your local visibility whether it’s on Maps or in a local 3 pack search result. Our bulk upload template will save you time when you need to make significant store hour changes and we’ll help you track the level of impressions and interactions your listings receive.

Local SEO
Marketplace SEO

Marketplace SEO

Improve your Amazon and eBay organic rankings with our tried and tested approach to identifying keywords, optimising your product listings and tracking the results. Working with your brand manager we can ensure you have your listings optimised from their initial setup, ultimately helping your brand awareness and conversion. For more information check out our Marketplace approach to SEO & Advertising.

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