Ecommerce SEO & Advertising

Ecommerce SEO & Advertising

Optimize advertising campaigns to win bigger, quicker. Automatically identify SEO and keyword opportunities that build on each other to climb organic search rankings. Inform your digital marketing strategy by comparing your digital shelf with competitors.

Ecommerce SEO & Advertising

Key Outcomes

Increase Traffic, Convert More

Our technology accelerates traffic and conversion on ecommerce. Our team of advertising and SEO experts optimizes your ad budget to increase ROAS, helps product listings reach their full SEO potential, and analyzes competitor performance on the digital shelf.

Optimize Advertising

Optimize Advertising to Increase ROAS

Get visibility into your advertising performance and identify additional investment opportunities. Integrated data and automated campaigns allow for smarter ad spend, avoid stock outs, lower ACoS, and increase your overall sales and organic rankings. We even calculate the spend required to achieve a target page rank so you know exactly what it takes to win.

Increase Organic Rank With SEO

Our tech examines potential search volume and winnability to deliver a prioritized list of high-impact keywords to our team. We implement the keywords right into your listing, then measure your SEO performance after changes. Finally, stay optimized with adjacent keyword recommendations to identify new areas to win next, and use our integrated platform to keep advertising on keywords that perform well.

Increase Organic Rank
Outperform Competition

Outperform the Competition

Identify relatable competitors on your digital shelf to make strategic decisions. By examining products that appear next to yours in search on ecommerce, our Predict™ software provides key information about competitor pricing, ratings, and reviews that help you make informed advertising and SEO decisions to beat the competition on competitive keywords.

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13% Weekly Sales Growth

With effective advertising, brands can sustain or grow sales—dramatically, in cases like this one with Coravin—in periods of time that may otherwise be considered off-season.

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84% Increase in ROAS

“Pattern is a great company to work with and we truly value their partnership. They work closely with us in order to protect our brand and our practitioners.”


Technology & Services

We offer our digital marketing technology and services at no fee. Use our Predict™ software to automate advertising and SEO while our team of experts guides and implements your acceleration strategy.

Automated Advertising

Automate advertising campaigns through Predict™ by setting spending rules and automatic adjustments. Keep tabs on all reporting with our advertising dashboard.

SEO Keyword Automation

Implement high-impact keywords automatically recommended by our Predict™ software to maximize winnability and win on keyword adjacencies.

Digital Shelf Competitor Analysis

Examine competitor performance with our Digital Shelf tool that breaks down key metrics like price and reviews for products appearing next to yours in search.

Ads Inventory Protection

Never advertise into a stock-out again. Our integrated software provides full visibility into your inventory position so you can maximize your ad dollar potential.

Advertising Campaign Management

Let our expert team of advertisers do the groundwork while you focus on strategy and results. We implement strategy, provide results, and recommend solutions.

SEO Optimization Implementation

Never wonder if you’re using the best keywords. Our marketplace management team will monitor your product listings to ensure they stay SEO optimized for ecommerce.

Social Media Strategy

Our social media team can help you execute on digital marketing strategies tailored to your specific brand needs and goals.

Influencer Marketing Execution

Increase traffic to your D2C and ecommerce sites by leveraging our influencer marketing expertise on ecommerce, especially in global markets like China.

PPC Expertise

Maximize your ad budget with our PPC experts who can help execute a pay per click strategy across your dot com sites or on ecommerce.


Explore Our Ecommerce Acceleration Solutions


Boost Conversion

Showcase your amazing brand while optimizing for conversion with top-notch creative.


Make Better Decisions

Analyze the past and let AI inform your future with our omnichannel ecommerce solutions.


Protect Your Brand

Identify unauthorized sellers, detect price erosion, and quantify the cost of leaky distribution.


Sell Globally

Stay in stock and sell everywhere with our global distribution capabilities.


Start accelerating your ecommerce business today.

Brands experience measurable and repeatable growth when they apply Pattern’s acceleration technology and services to their ecommerce business.

Explore Our Ecommerce Resource Library

Find relevant content to accelerate your ecommerce business. Stay on top of industry trends and best practices.

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