What to expect from Social Commerce in 2023 1

Social Media Marketing & Management

At Pattern, we work with some of Australia’s biggest Ecommerce brands, managing both paid and organic social channels. We will help build and maintain a highly engaging social media presence that reflects your brand’s unique voice and values, and assist in promoting your brand across paid channels to drive revenue growth. 

From developing effective paid and organic social strategies to end-to-end management of social channels, paid advertising, and consulting work, our team of experts utilise a data-driven approach to ensure we are at the forefront of any platform and algorithm changes to elevate your brand across social media platforms.

What to expect from Social Commerce in 2023 1

We are trusted by some of the biggest retail brands in Australia

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Organic Social Strategy

Whether you’re looking to reach new audiences or connect with your current community, Pattern can help you design an organic social media strategy that is crafted to your brand’s voice and goals. Using leading market research and competitor analysis, our data-led approach is designed to help you build a unique social media presence that resonates with your desired audience and creates a solid foundation for future success.

Paid Social Strategy

A paid social media strategy is a game-changer for businesses looking to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. With years of hands-on experience, our team is dedicated to helping your brand navigate the landscape of paid social media through result-driven strategies. 

We apply industry best practices, data-backed recommendations, and test-and-learn strategies to get the most out of your advertising spend and reach your business objectives. Our full-funnel approach is designed around your marketing goals, allowing us to pivot quickly to achieve success.

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Community Management

Pattern are experts in creating a social media presence that nurtures your relationship with your audience. Our team will help you manage your community on social media by engaging with your followers, creating relevant content, and monitoring your brand’s reputation. With our expertise, you can build and maintain a loyal community that trusts and loves your brand.

Influencer Management

Utilising the latest industry trends and platforms, we offer a complete end-to-end influencer management program to grow your brand and following. Our best-in-class approach identifies the right influencers for your brand, outreach to candidates, and handling of all communications, briefing and approval processes on behalf of your brand.

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Social Media Training

Our team of organic and paid social media experts can assist you in upskilling team members to take on and manage your social channels. We will guide you through an extensive learning process, providing your team with the knowledge and skills you need for your brand to succeed online.

We also offer personalised training services to help brands better understand the social media landscape of your market, how to identify and leverage trends, industry best practices, and the latest social media algorithm updates and platform changes to ensure you can make the most of your social media presence.

Crisis Management

At Pattern, we know that crises are sometimes unavoidable. Rest assured, we offer comprehensive crisis management services to protect your brand’s reputation.

Our team responds quickly to mitigate negative feedback and communicate with your audience. We are equipped to handle any crisis and turn it into an opportunity for growth for your brand.

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Social Media Workshops

Working closely with you and your team, we offer tailored social media workshop services to help you craft a winning strategy and generate fresh content ideas. Our expert team will work with you to develop customised solutions that fit your business needs.

We utilise data-backed insights, the latest market trends, and our vast experience to assist you in putting together a comprehensive approach to your brand’s social media strategy.

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