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Ecommerce Consulting

Pattern’s strategic Ecommerce Consulting services are designed to draw on the considerable experience of our team to set your business on a course to profitable growth. We’ll help ask the right questions and determine the best Ecommerce strategy and structure for your brand.

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Digital Transformation

Our approach to digital transformation is holistic and tailored to your brand’s unique needs. We work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, industry, and customers, and then develop a commercial roadmap that achieves sustainable digital success.

Ecommerce Acceleration & International Expansion

At Pattern, we leverage our expertise in Ecommerce to help brands achieve accelerated growth through strategies such as data-driven pricing and inventory optimisation, performance marketing, marketplace expansion, and seamless customer experiences.

Our approach is focused on leveraging cutting-edge Ecommerce technologies and industry best practices to drive revenue, increase market share, and achieve a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving Ecommerce landscape.

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Interim Resourcing

Pattern has the ecommerce expertise and experience required to grow digital channels and manage digital projects. Our experts can be deployed on an interim basis anywhere from three to 12 months to drive your digital strategy and projects forward.

We can help you access all levels of digital expertise depending on whether you need specialist execution support at coordinator or manager level, or strategic leadership from our seasoned ecommerce professionals with over 15 years of experience building digital channels for some of Australia’s most well-known brands and retailers. In each scenario you get the capabilities you need, when you need them, to accelerate your digital roadmap and results.

Ecommerce Education & Training

You invest in your talent by continuing to level up their expertise. Pattern offers personalised training programs to help businesses enhance the digital skills of their employees. This may include training on digital trading and marketing strategies, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, analytics and insights, and other digital trading and growth tactics.

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Channel Expansion

Pattern can help you determine the right digital channels to expand to that align with your brand strategy. Whether that’s tapping into new markets, new customers, or elevating the experience on your own channels, we can support your business in developing and executing a channel expansion and growth strategy.

Go-To-Market Strategy

In today’s competitive digital landscape, having a robust go-to-market strategy is essential for brands to succeed. At Pattern, we specialise in helping brands develop and execute effective go-to-market strategies that drive results.

We offer comprehensive solutions that include market research, competitive analysis, channel selection, pricing strategy, branding, as well as complete commercial analysis.

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Roadmap for Growth Strategy

We know what it takes to grow and accelerate a brand to new heights. Our team of ecommerce consultants and advisors have decades of experience expanding brands and delivering unprecedented growth.

Our Roadmap for Growth Strategy will assist you in transforming your brand into a thriving powerhouse. Our data-led process assesses and analysis every aspect of your ecommerce business to uncover critical opportunities for long-term success.

M&A Due Diligence

Pattern offers M&A (merger and acquisition) due diligence services to help businesses thoroughly assess the digital and technology aspects of potential acquisitions. This includes key areas such as digital capability and maturity, technology operations, competitor analysis, margin audit, and growth opportunity analysis.

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Resourcing Support

Organisational Design

Our consultants provide expertise in organisational design to help businesses enhance their resource model to effectively execute their digital growth strategies. We assess your current organisational structure, roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines to identify areas of improvement.

We review your digital and technology teams, their skill sets, and capabilities, and provide a roadmap for optimising the organisational design to align with your digital goals and strategies.

Customer Experience Audits & Reports

Pattern’s customer experience audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a business’s customer journey across various touch points, channels, and interactions. Based on the findings from the audit, our team provides actionable recommendations and strategies to optimise the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Customer Experience Audit

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