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The cornerstone of any high-growth strategy is built on in-depth research. Ensuring you’re capturing the data you need, interpreting it, and communicating it effectively to the wider business is crucial. Pattern’s data and analytics specialists are poised to help you get the most useful insights from your platform, whether it’s Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

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Digital Analytics Audits

With GA4 now the new Google standard, Pattern can audit your set-up and make sure you are appropriately capturing the data you need to make informed decisions. Pattern will walk you through the implications of important Google Signals, and as the interface continues to evolve, keep you up to date on the latest features.

Analytics Training

Ensure your team is comfortable finding the data they need within GA4 and train them on how to efficiently use the exploration section and custom reporting. Our data specialists will provide interactive and customised training for your team so they become confident in using the GA4 platform and its wealth of features.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation Testing

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a crucial practice that can pay massive dividends for every Ecommerce brand. Incremental increases in conversion rate can have a significant impact on overall performance for all digital channels, and the team at Pattern can guide you through setting up your first tests.

Analytics Dashboard Creation & Data Storytelling

Storytelling through data is essential for communicating key metrics within large businesses. Pattern can assist you by building easy-to-digest dashboards that tell the full picture of your performance. Whether you want to mix in data from multiple third-party sources such as Klaviyo, Rakuten or Google Analytics, we can help you visualise and drive insights from them.

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Cookie Consent Management

For Australian businesses looking to grow internationally, it is important to note the various privacy and data protection regulations in your desired destinations. Pattern’s experience with diverse internationalisation means we will assist you with setting up a cookie management system that will help you take advantage of predictive metrics in GA4.

Data Warehousing Strategy

For most businesses, the 14-month user data retention period of GA4 is exceptionally short. Pattern can guide you on what options are available such as BigQuery or Snowflake and how to implement them as part of your data storage strategy. We will support your team through the implementation process, providing training to the wider business for complete data storage transparency.

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