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Affiliate Marketing

With over 10 years of experience implementing Affiliate strategies for brands globally, Pattern is a leader in affiliate marketing. Our diverse range of best-in-class frameworks focuses on accelerating your brand and opening up additional revenue opportunities through new channels.

Our data-driven approach to Ecommerce affiliate marketing offers cost-effective revenue and customer acquisition strategies, high conversion rates, increased customer retention and lifetime value, and a broad range of upper and lower-funnel strategic options to drive consistent long-term growth.

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Our Affiliate Marketing Model

Our affiliate marketing model breaks down the necessary steps to identify the best approach in which we are able to help our partners meet their potential. We align with your business’s goals and objectives to support in defining the direction of the program. This will form the structural pillars of the curated strategy to place our clients on the path to growth.

Publisher Management

Having a direct relationship with our curated list of high-performing publishers allows us to maximise your brand’s opportunities and results. This will ensure the appropriate exposure is booked in at the right time to align with goals and objectives. Our team have extensive pre-existing relationships that can be leveraged to identify the appropriate publisher mix and suggested exposure to ensure strong results.

Marketplace Managed Services
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Promotion Activation

Having a data and insights-driven affiliate promotion strategy is crucial to achieving your business goals. Our expert team will work closely with your brand during the onboarding phase to ensure a comprehensive affiliate marketing plan is tailored to your unique needs and objectives. We then provide highly-detailed ongoing analysis, monitoring and optimisations to ensure they match your long-term business goals.

Affiliate Publisher & Partner Discover

To hit revenue and business objectives, a diverse range of affiliate publishers and partners is required. Through a thorough vetting process and data-backed insights, we are able to ensure these partners are brand aligned and have the ability to deliver value in line with the brand’s goals and objectives. 

Further enhancing our class-leading partner discovery framework, we support your team in developing a robust relationship with partners to continue to grow programs to that next stage.

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Content Affiliate Marketing

From controlled press releases and large-scale brand awareness campaigns to sale events, our content affiliates framework will ensure your brand’s key messaging appears in front of the right audience at the right time.

Our content affiliates strategy will assist your brand in reaching new audiences, reinforcing messaging with existing customers and driving measurable brand awareness for your business.

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