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Customer Relationship Management

We work with some of Australia’s leading ecommerce brands, to create tailored customer relationship management (CRM) solutions across all stages of the customer journey. Pattern uses a best-practice data-driven approach to analyse your current CRM landscape. We then turn those insights into actions, helping you acquire, engage, retain, and nurture your customers. 

From developing a tailored strategy to end-to-end email production and platform management, our team combine years of experience with best practices for a streamlined approach that aligns with your brand’s values and broader goals. We’ll also work with you to identify and select the right platforms and tech structure for your business, covering email and SMS marketing, loyalty, reporting, analytics, and CDPs.

CRM WEBSITE 1732 x 2560

Driving meaningful moments across your business to encourage advocacy.

Database Growth & Acquisition

Retention & Loyalty

CRM Strategy

Marketing Automation

Email, SMS & Push Notification Strategy, Development & Deployment

Technology Review & Selection

Customer Platform Selection & Migration

Customer Research, Insights & Actions

We work with some of the biggest retail brands in Australia

We deliver advanced CRM solutions designed to enhance the customer experience and drive sustainable growth.

The Pattern team are an extension of our Digital team. Their consistent support from technical challenges to strategy ideation and blue-sky thinking, has been pivotal to our CRM success and growth.
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Stephanie White
Global Digital Marketing Manager, 2XU
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Customer Communications

Optimise your CRM strategy with our all-in-one content and production services covering EDM, SMS and push notifications. We will work with you to align on a tailored communications strategy across multiple channels and platforms, and from there manage all ideation, development, testing, segmentation and deployment.

As part of the segmentation process, this will also include any AB testing recommendations and personalisation to ensure that every message finds the ideal recipient at the right moment, and that those learnings are recorded and applied to future campaigns.

Customer Insights

By gathering analytics and customer insights from your ESP, we can provide your business with invaluable information that informs every aspect of your CRM and marketing initiatives. This might involve a robust data hygiene project, or analysis of your first-party data to understand critical trends in your customer behaviour.

Pattern also specialises in the end-to-end execution of customer surveys to gather insights and actionable feedback for your marketing efforts. We ensure that each stage of the survey process is finely tuned to hit your objectives. We also offer focus group sessions, from recruitment through to facilitation and analysis to uncover learnings that will inform future strategies.

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Acquire & Nurture

Acquiring high-quality customers is crucial in today’s landscape, and attracting those who will stick with your brand in the long term, driving loyalty and growth. We work with your brand to understand who your target audience is, behaviours and preferences so that you can grow your database with quality contacts that will bring value to your business.

Pattern takes a multi-channel approach to customer acquisition, which combines careful planning, new technology solutions and data-driven insights to drive effective growth in your online and offline channels. Specialising in both ‘always-on’ strategies and project-based campaigns, we prioritise continuous measurement of your results and how these new leads are nurtured through all communication touchpoints.

Retention & Loyalty

Elevating brand loyalty and customer retention is a core focus of our CRM services, achieved through customer journey development, tailored automations and loyalty program design and implementation. 

Teaming up with specialised partners, we consult on and create bespoke programs that incentivise repeat purchases, program engagement, customer reviews for long-term brand advocacy.

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CRM Technology

Our team will audit your existing technology and team to ensure that your stack seamlessly aligns with your business goals, and that you have the right people to drive it.

We manage the technology partner tender process on your behalf, leveraging our industry expertise to identify and evaluate potential partners. 

We provide an unbiased recommendation and oversee the design, implementation and training phases, ensuring a smooth transition to your new setup and ensuring your team are equipped to use it.

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