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Ecommerce is booming. The challenges we solve are exciting. And we’re just getting started. We’re looking for talented people with plenty of hustle to change the game at Pattern. Is that you? Let’s chat!

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Accelerate Brands on
Ecommerce. Accelerate You.

Our simple goal? Do what it takes to accelerate brands on ecommerce. That drive to help our partners win informs every decision we make, from our free partnership model to our comprehensive ecommerce acceleration platform. Today, we’re proud to be the premier partner for global ecommerce acceleration worldwide because of our laser focus on a job well done for our partners.

Our mission is just as dedicated to accelerating the potential of our employees as our brand partners. We start by providing the basics: competitive pay, great benefits, and an inclusive and collaborative work environment. What truly sets us apart? A culture that prioritizes your personal growth just as much as you do. Accelerate your potential with a career at Pattern.

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Pattern's Core Values

Our Edge Is Always Found in the Data

We hypothesize. We test. We geek out. Our edge is always found in the data. We use data-driven insights to deliver collaborative, actionable, and achievable solutions for our partners. Data always has been and always will be at the heart of how we do what we do.

Data Fanatics

We Are Obsessed With Partner Success

Partners come first. We do what’s best for them. We listen. We see the world through their eyes. We earn their trust through our quality of work, honesty, impartiality, and responsiveness. We succeed only when our partners succeed.

Partner Obsessed

We Have a Bias for Action

We have a bias for action. We work hard. We work together. We are accountable, responsible, and do what we say we’ll do. We are nimble, intrepid problem solvers who challenge the status quo.

Team of Doers

We Don’t Just Play the Game—We Change It

We win—in the marketplace and in the workplace. We pay the price for success. We politely call BS. We raise every conversation and lift every engagement. We embrace disruption and proactively spot opportunities for our company and our partners.

Game Changers


Perks at Pattern

We invest in our employees. We offer competitive options for salary, PTO and fun office activities just scratch the surface of Pattern’s additional perks.



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