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The Premier
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Pattern® is the first ecommerce accelerator to help your company grow faster, protect your brand, and drive
revenue on all your digital platforms.

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Pattern is the only full service ecommerce accelerator

One partner across all your ecommerce activity.

Pattern is one of the top Amazon resellers in the world. In Australia, Pattern becomes your exclusive marketplace distributor, buying and selling your products across Amazon, eBay and Catch.

Pattern is an award-winning digital performance agency that implements innovative and best practice strategies across SEM, SEO, Affiliates, Social and CRM to drive revenue.

Pattern consultants can provide hands on ecommerce execution support and overarching strategies. From internationalisation to interim resourcing, Pattern can guide you.


Pattern does everything. Combining all areas of our business we manage a brand’s e-commerce activity. From warehousing and shipping products to trading and advertising.


Pattern Outcomes

Brands experience measurable and repeatable growth when they work with Pattern’s ecommerce
acceleration team. Our proprietary technology and services drive their ecommerce business and strategy.




98% Customer Retention

Top brands trust us to accelerate their global ecommerce business. Our deep and
long-lasting partnerships are a testament to our results.
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Why Brands Work With Pattern

Our biggest differentiator? We buy your inventory and you benefit from our acceleration technology and services at no fee.

1. We Buy Your Inventory
2. Identify Revenue Opportunities
3. Apply Our Tech & Services
4. Accelerate Growth
5. Repeat at Global Scale



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Global Distribution Centers


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Explore Our Ecommerce Resource Library

Find relevant content to accelerate your ecommerce business. Stay on top of industry trends and best practices.

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Let’s accelerate together. Our marketplace experts will walk you through how our ecommerce acceleration technology and services help you grow faster, protect your brand, and sell globally.

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