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Roadmap For Growth

In the vast digital expanse of ecommerce, your brand deserves to not just survive, but to thrive and flourish. At Pattern, we can help you transform your ecommerce channel from a simple digital storefront into a thriving marketplace that propels your business to unparalleled heights.

With our Roadmap for Growth, we embark on a meticulous and comprehensive expedition to scrutinise every facet of your ecommerce channel, pinpointing the strengths to be amplified and the weaknesses to be fortified. Our goal? To forge a tailor-made roadmap that charts a course towards accelerated growth and prosperity in the digital realm.

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Multi-Channel Assessment

We will deliver a meticulous examination of your acquisition channels, including paid search, organic search, direct, email marketing, social and affiliates. Our expert eyes leave no stone unturned, ensuring every opportunity for growth is identified and seized.

Our team will also dive deep into the intricacies of your omnichannel customer experience, conducting a rigorous audit to expose any gaps that deviate from best practices. These gaps are transformed into golden opportunities for conversion rate optimisation, setting the stage for improvements that will fuel revenue growth.

Complete Ecommerce Channel Audit

We will also dissect your ecommerce channel, evaluating the people, organisational structure, platforms, and processes that form the backbone of your digital operations. This full situational analysis is our compass, guiding us to pinpoint exactly what needs to evolve to ensure your ecommerce business is operationally primed to support and sustain growth.

Customer Experience Audit
Planning For Peak 4

Comprehensive Commercial Plan

Armed with this wealth of information, our team crafts a comprehensive commercial plan that clearly outlines the investments necessary to realise your vision. The roadmap doesn’t just tell you where to go; it shows you the treasures that await at your destination.

Our Process

We will tailor our consulting approach to suit your business, but you can typically expect our approach to cover the below areas.


Initial Consultation

We work to understand your business, objectives, and challenges, alongside establishing the scope of the project.


Audit of Acquisition Channels

We then review paid search, organic search, email marketing social, and affiliate channels, identifying areas of strength, and growth opportunities.


Omnichannel Customer Experience Audit

The team will conduct a full review of the customer experience across all channels. This allows us to identify gaps and opportunities for optimisation to improve conversion rates and drive revenue growth.


Situational Analysis of the Ecommerce Channel

We evaluate the people, organisational structure, platforms, and processes of your brand. We then provide actionable insights into what needs to change to support the growth of the ecommerce business.


Preparation of Commercial Plan

Within our commercial plan, we outline the required investments and expected outcomes. We also provide a clear path to achieve the business objectives.


Creation of Roadmap for Growth

The team then consolidates all actions and recommendations into a comprehensive roadmap. We will prioritise tasks and provide a timeline for execution.

Ongoing Expert Ecommerce Support

Our journey with you doesn’t have to end when the Roadmap for Growth is delivered.

We understand that sometimes, the road to success requires more than just a map. That’s why we can offer our ongoing support to help you deliver specific projects outlined in your growth roadmap. Whether it’s a lack of capacity or a need for specialised capabilities, we’ve got you covered.

Experienced Hands-On Professionals

They’ve honed their skills in the heat of action, and they know precisely what it takes to propel a brand from the ordinary to the extraordinary in the digital arena.

Their insight, forged from years of hands-on experience, is an invaluable asset that we offer to you. With their wisdom guiding your journey, your path to ecommerce success can evolve from a possibility to a reality.

Senior Ecommerce Leaders for Your Brand

Our team of ecommerce consultants isn’t just skilled; they bring with them a rich tapestry of experience, having occupied senior ecommerce leadership positions at some of the world’s most renowned global brands and retailers.

They have been in the trenches, faced the challenges, and celebrated the victories that come with driving digital transformation and massive ecommerce channel growth.

Accelerate Your Ecommerce

Let your ecommerce channel be a beacon of success in the digital marketplace. Partner with Pattern, and let us guide you on a journey to growth, prosperity, and unparalleled digital dominance.

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