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Performance Marketing

Pattern’s Performance Marketing team have over 30 years of shared experience across numerous channels, including paid search, display, video, local search and affiliates. Our data-driven digital campaigns utilise best practice tactics and strategies, allowing us to achieve your business goals and accelerate your brand. Our robust end-to-end implementations have driven success for over 40 brands across the Ecommerce industry.

Ecommerce SEO

We are trusted by some of the biggest retail brands in Australia

We are focused on providing data-driven results,
based on our test and learn approach

Our Performance Marketing team can show you best in class work across all core Paid Search deliverables.




Display Retargeting. SEM

Paid Search

Delivering best-in-class paid search implementations across Google and Bing, the Pattern Performance Marketing team utilises a full-funnel approach to drive measurable impact to your brand.
We use the latest insights and technology to ensure our paid search campaigns are strategically delivered to be in front of the right audiences at exactly the right time, optimising your budget to reach potential customers while protecting it from the competition.

Google Shopping & Performance Max

A key pillar in many of our performance marketing strategies, our first-class Google Shopping and Performance Max campaigns use our in-house data-driven framework to deliver exceptional results for our brand partners. 

To get the edge over this increasingly competitive space, we are continuously applying the latest tech and automation processes to enhance your product feed and drive consistent growth.

Technical SEO google
Content Production Optimisation scaled

Product Feed Optimisation

A growing opportunity for many brands, the Pattern Performance Marketing team offers data and insight-led guidance on how to best optimise your product feed. Not only do we provide valuable advice, but we also work closely with our partners to implement necessary changes to enhance your product feed performance.

By leveraging our expertise, you can unlock substantial revenue opportunities while surfacing your brand to more potential customers.

Display & Retargeting

From driving revenue and traffic to increasing brand awareness, display and retargeting campaigns are still a vital part of any full-funnel performance marketing strategy. Our best-in-class audience framework incorporates detailed audience creation using first and third-party data, and insight-backed creative guidance to maximise your strategy and enhance your brand.

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Youtube SEO

YouTube SEM

Often reaching millions of potential customers, our YouTube advertising strategies ensure we reach the right audiences at the right time. From top-of-funnel awareness campaigns to conversion-led video strategies, our YouTube advertising framework will help your brand achieve your marketing goals and drive long-term revenue.

Local SEM Campaigns

We understand the importance of a holistic approach to online and offline results, having assisted in driving omnichannel success across a wide range of retail businesses. Utilising our best-in-class local paid search campaigns, we align with your omnichannel strategy to drive retail foot traffic and assisted revenue to stores through powerful, data-led campaign types.

For further transparency, we incorporate offline results into our reporting suite to show you the value of these campaigns and their impact on brick-and-mortar stores.

Local SEO
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Affiliate Marketing

Leveraging our extensive decade-long experience within the Affiliates team, we have successfully spearheaded the launch of more than 10 brands, accelerating our partners’ success across several high-profile publishers. 

We have also successfully onboarded existing affiliate campaigns, further enhancing and optimising them through our data-driven strategy and high-growth framework. We also work closely with our partner’s marketing teams to amplify campaign messaging, reaching new audiences and expanding potential revenue.

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