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Digital Analytics Audit Services

Useful and actionable insights can be only generated if the underlying data is clean, precise, and most importantly trustworthy. If incorrect data goes in, then incorrect insights will be created. The importance of having quality data within your digital analytics ecosystem is crucial for any brand looking to accelerate its ecommerce strategy.

Whether you already have an analytics platform up and running with your web application, you’re seeing data gaps in your customer journey, or are not confident with the data you see in the analytics platforms, Pattern can assess your full analytics set-up with our detailed audit process.

Based on industry best practices and our ecommerce data expertise, Pattern’s team of Analytics experts perform a thorough, end-to-end audit of your existing analytics setup for platforms, such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4), to identify the gaps and opportunities.

Pattern analytics audit data ga4 review scaled

Our Process

Our approach towards auditing an analytics setup is based on our expert understanding of effective ecommerce data setups. Our best-in-class analytics audit assesses numerous frameworks and capabilities to give you a comprehensive analysis of your platform.


Data Collection

The first and foremost important aspect is to set up a data collection framework. This involves defining and designing data collection points from your website and/or mobile apps. Important steps in data enablement include:

  • Designing an event-driven DataLayer
  • Identifying key user actions and conversions
  • Setting up a tag management system


Data Measurement

We then utilise our tried-and-true framework to categorise your data, allowing it to be easily assessed by our team. This includes activities such as:

  • Defining KPIs
  • Attribution modeling
  • Experimentation



We deep-dive into the current processes that deal with the accountability and responsibility of maintaining data integrity and quality, ensuring it is ready for effective analysis. Data processes we evaluate include:

  • Defining naming standards
  • Data accuracy


Data Storage

Pattern will review the brand’s current data storage systems, alongside how data is retrieved for reporting, blending and analysis purposes.



We will assess current reporting methods used by your brand, showcasing opportunities to improve your current reporting suite. Pattern will also develop meaningful visualisations using your data to help generate actionable insights.

Google Analytics 4 Audit

GA4 is one of the most powerful and widely adopted web analytics platforms. It offers a lot of flexibility in terms of setting up and utilising the platform for your brand’s reporting requirements.

With the enhanced capabilities and new metrics to measure compared to the sunsetted Universal Analytics, best practice processes need to be followed to ensure accurate data quality. To help brands understand and utilise the full capabilities of GA4, our Google Analytics 4 audit process features a 50-point checklist that assesses the full scope of the platform.

Property Settings

Pattern will review your current property settings to ensure your data is being stored, processed and reported on accurately for your brand.

Basic Event Set Up

From day-dot, your GA4 setup needs to be implemented correctly to ensure data accuracy. Pattern will also conduct a detailed validation process to thoroughly make sure that important tracking features like automatic events, user identification, and session tracking are working correctly.

Custom Event Set Up

No analytics setup is complete without identifying and tracking key user actions important to your brand. Correctly setting up custom events is essential for downstream activities like analysis, reporting and generating discovering actionable insights.

Data Accuracy

Pattern will ensure that your GA4 data is trustworthy and reliable. Without trust in your data, it’s impossible to drive improvements from it. Based on how your GA4 tracking is set up, the data needs to be aligned with your backend systems like CRMs and ecommerce management platforms.

Reporting Interfaces

GA4 data can be accessed via multiple reporting interfaces. Custom Explore reports can be created to find the answers to the questions your brand is asking.

Post-Audit Hypercare

Pattern also offers ongoing analytics support to ensure opportunities and actions highlighted by the audit are completed promptly. Our experienced analytics experts can implement the vast majority of non-developer-required actions on behalf of your team.

Accelerate Your Data

Get the answers you are looking for from your analytics platform now. Partner with Pattern, and let us guide you on a journey to growth, prosperity, and unparalleled digital dominance with our analytics audit services.

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