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Organisational Design Consultants

In the dynamic world of omnichannel retail, a well-defined organisational structure and operating model aren’t just assets—they’re necessities. Our Advisory team has decades of experience designing bespoke frameworks that underpin your business’s efficiency, adaptability, and growth in the multifaceted realm of omnichannel commerce.

pattern ecommerce consulting organisational design scaled


Sculpting the Backbone of Your Omnichannel Strategy

The Pattern Advisory team will work with you to architect a structure that supports seamless operations across all channels.

Strategic Blueprint Development

We begin by mapping out a strategic blueprint that aligns with your business vision, goals, and the unique demands of omnichannel retail.

Cross-Functional Collaboration Design

Our model promotes synergistic collaboration across departments, ensuring that every team from marketing to logistics operates in harmony.

Technology Integration

In an omnichannel landscape, technology is the glue that binds. We review your current technology stack to ensure that it is capable of delivering streamlined operations and superior customer experiences.

Process Optimisation

We refine your processes for peak efficiency, ensuring they’re lean, scalable, and responsive to the ever-changing market dynamics.

Change Management and Training

As your structure evolves, we aid in managing change effectively, including comprehensive training to empower your team within the new operating model.


Your Omnichannel Transformation Awaits

Our advisory service doesn’t just set the stage—it actively participates in your transformation.

Customised Organisational Design

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our organisational designs are as unique as your business and your people, tailor-made to drive your omnichannel success.

Sustainability & Scalability

We build for the future, with structures and models designed to grow and evolve as your business and the retail landscape change.


Join the Ranks of Omnichannel Leaders

As your strategic partner, we’re here to ensure that your organisational structure and operating model are robust, agile, and a step ahead. Ready to redefine your omnichannel business for unparalleled success?

Take the first step toward operational excellence. Discover how we can help you today.

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