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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is crucial to any brand’s online success. It plays a critical role in driving Organic Search traffic to your brand’s website, while also ensuring users convert and purchase through you. Our technical SEO experts work to optimise your website’s infrastructure and backend elements to enhance its visibility and performance in search engine rankings. It involves various technical aspects such as website speed, mobile responsiveness, site architecture, URL structure, meta tags, and XML sitemaps.

Investing in technical SEO is crucial for Ecommerce brands to succeed in this increasingly competitive landscape. Not only does it help search engines crawl and index your websites effectively, ensuring that your products and pages are discoverable by potential customers, but our technical SEO audits help improve website speed and user experience, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates.

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Technical SEO Audits

Our SEO Technical Audit combines a full sweep of a website’s technical infrastructure and performance, allowing us to easily identify areas that can be optimised for better search engine visibility and user experience. This process involves evaluating various aspects such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, URL structure, internal linking, metadata, XML sitemaps, robots.txt, and canonical tags. 

Our process also looks at the website’s crawlability and indexability by search engines, identifying broken links, duplicate content, and potential issues with redirects or server errors. Through extensive analysis, businesses can uncover underlying technical issues that may hinder their website’s search engine rankings and take necessary actions to improve its overall performance and visibility.

Page Speed Audits

Page Speed is a fundamental piece of technical SEO and is a confirmed Google ranking factor. Our SEO Page Speed Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a website’s loading speed and performance to optimise it for better search engine rankings and user experience. This audit involves analysing various factors that can impact page speed, including server response time, file sizes, code optimisation, caching mechanisms, and image compression. 

By conducting a Page Speed Audit, our SEO experts can identify areas of improvement and recommend necessary changes to enhance website speed, resulting in faster load times, reduced bounce rates, improved user engagement, and ultimately, higher organic search rankings.

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Authority Audit

Our SEO Authority Audit is designed to uncover a brand’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. This audit involves analysing various factors that contribute to a website’s authority, such as the quantity and quality of backlinks, the relevance and trustworthiness of referring domains, and the overall online presence and reputation of the website. 

The purpose of an SEO Authority Audit is to identify areas of improvement and devise strategies to enhance a website’s authority, ultimately leading to higher rankings and increased organic traffic. By conducting a thorough SEO Authority Audit, brands can gain valuable insights into their online authority and take necessary steps to establish themselves as a trusted and authoritative source within their market against competitors.

International Technical SEO

Hreflang is a crucial element for SEO on a brand website, playing a significant role in ensuring that the website’s content is properly indexed and displayed to the right audience in different countries and languages. This is particularly important for global brands that have a diverse target audience across multiple regions. 

At Pattern, our priority is analysing and evaluating the success of a brand’s Hreflang implementation to enhance its website’s visibility, increase organic traffic, and improve its international SEO efforts. We use a collaborative approach with a brand’s developers to ensure that Hreflang is properly implemented for global URLs, making sure that they are not being cannibalised in other markets, and protecting brand awareness in international markets.

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Technical Implementation

Our SEO technical implementation for a brand involves several strategies to optimise implementation efficiency and technical health.

Whether your brand needs support redirecting 404s in the CMS or updating metadata through your web platform, our SEO experts can achieve quick and efficient results and support your team by uploading technical fixes when required.

Technical Hygiene Activities

Technical hygiene activities are an important part of ensuring the year-round technical health of a website. As part of an ongoing retainer, our SEO experts perform regular SEO technical hygiene activities that include regular website crawls to identify and fix any technical issues.

Common issues such as 404s, broken links, duplicate content, or slow page loading speed are quickly identified through these hygiene activities, allowing brands to proactively manage the health of their site. This also ensures your brand stays ahead of the competition and is implementing the latest technical SEO developments.

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Information Architecture Review

Our SEO Information Architecture Review combines an in-depth analysis of a website’s navigation structure and organisation to optimise its visibility and ranking in SERPs. This process involves evaluating the website’s navigation, URL structure, internal linking, and content hierarchy to ensure that it aligns with the best practice SEO. 

The review aims to identify any issues or barriers that may hinder search engine crawlers from effectively indexing and ranking the website’s pages, along with providing recommendations for additional pages to support positive UX and increase conversions on-site. By conducting an SEO Information Architecture Review, brands can enhance their website’s user experience, increase organic traffic, and ultimately improve their online visibility for increased conversions.

Site Migrations

An SEO Site Migration refers to the process of moving a website from one environment to another or changing its domain name. It involves making fundamental changes to the site’s URL structure, which can have a significant impact on its SEO performance. To ensure a successful migration, our SEO experts follow a precise and streamlined approach to conduct the migration. This includes: 

  • Identifying high-traffic and backlink-rich pages
  • Benchmarking the legacy site
  • Information architecture recommendations
  • Confirming the new URL structure
  • Preparing redirect mappings
  • Reviewing internal links
  • Optimising meta robot tags, metadata, and H1s, 
  • Implementing structured data
  • Ensuring proper JavaScript and CSS rendering
  • Creating a custom 404 page
  • Reviewing the HTML sitemap
  • Updating the XML sitemap, and submitting the sitemap of the migrated site to the Google Search Console profile. 


These tasks are crucial in maintaining the site’s visibility and rankings during the migration process.

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