2 Ways Your Trade Partner Will Help Your Brand Gain Traction in APAC

Rebecca Brown

July 14, 2023


Asia-Pacific’s ecommerce market has grown significantly since it emerged as a global, dominant force, with multiple markets generating the highest ecommerce revenues worldwide, such as Tmall and JD.com. With the ecommerce market in APAC growing exponentially, many brands are hoping to gain traction in the region. One of the most common experiences brands face when entering APAC, especially in China, is they hit a wall and begin losing traction. Brands don’t typically see the growth they anticipated and may become frustrated and discouraged.

Gaining traction and growing your brand in new marketplaces throughout Asia is difficult without the right distributor or trade partner. The right trade partner will not only have consistent strategies for helping brands gain traction in the region, but will also be trustworthy, transparent, and have the best talent with expertise in the region.

Here’s a couple ways the right partner can help your brand gain traction in the APAC region:

1. Trade Partner Shows Consistent Growth with Accurate Forecasting Overtime

When choosing a TP for expanding into Asia, brands should consider if the TP has shown consistent growth patterns for other brands over time. A good trade partner will help brands gain traction time and time again on APAC marketplaces, proving they have a consistent strategy that works. To truly gain traction while navigating the APAC marketplaces, consistent growth is a must.

A key aspect to promoting consistent growth for your brand on marketplaces throughout APAC is having accurate forecasting. A valuable trade partner will be sure to provide your brand with accurate forecasts that will help your brand strategise for consistent and future growth.

2. Trade Partner Optimises Your Brand for Growth Using Various Strategies

Gaining traction in APAC marketplaces requires varying strategies and approaches, many of which brands may not be well-versed in for the region.

Optimise Content: One of these strategies is optimising your brand and product pages for growth. On most APAC marketplaces, there is no “pay to play” aspect of getting your brand noticed, it’s all about optimising and creating conversions on your product organically. In order for your brand to grow, you must focus on an optimisation strategy focused on growth.

For example, it’s imperative that all elements of your Flagship store on APAC marketplaces accurately represent your brand story, whilst providing a best-in-class customer experience. Elements that need to be addressed include having a high DSR score (Detailed Seller Rating), having store followers, high quality product imagery and videos, as well as accurate brand and product content. The continual optimisation of all aspects is crucial to maintain traction in the marketplace. This is why it’s often best left to expert trade partners to help you navigate. A good trade partner will know how to best optimise your product listings and create the most potential for growth.

Off-Platform Marketing: Off-platform marketing is essential to your marketing strategy both when you are launching a Tmall Global store and to drive demand to an existing store. Three platforms that brands in APAC often use to direct off-platform traffic to their marketplaces are WeChat, Weibo,

Customer Service: Along with off-platform marketing, a good trade partner will help brands improve their customer service experience, as most buyers in APAC consult with customer service before purchasing a product.

Unlike Western marketplaces such as Amazon, Tmall Global allows its shoppers to ask questions via live chat to the brand’s customer service agents–normally provided by the brand’s trade partner–and replies should be fast, within one minute at most.

Customers often ask questions about products that are crucial to their purchasing decision. Answering these questions in a timely and professional manner can help to build confidence and trust from existing and future customers of the brand.

Promotions: Trade Partners will be able to help you deliver profitable promotions that tempt existing and new customers, by understanding the trading cadence in APAC, and how it substantially differs from that of the West.

The APAC marketplaces hosts a number of important promotional events throughout the year, such as Queen’s Day, 618 Festival, and marketplace birthday sales. These are often used to test promotions and establish credibility with customers in the run-up to the most important promotional event of the year, 11.11 Festival.

Gain Traction in APAC With Pattern

Having a good trade partner who will help your brand gain traction in the APAC region makes all the difference in helping your brand grow long-term. As a global ecommerce accelerator and trade partner, Pattern often hears global executives’ frustrations with trade partners who aren’t helping their business grow internationally. At Pattern, we focus on gaining traction in the region with our brand partners.

Pattern’s local teams within markets help brands to better understand the nuances of the regions they are selling in. We help you keep control of your brand, while placing dedicated expert teams at all points in the consumer, purchase, fulfilment journey, to ensure a positive customer experience. Through consistent growth, reevaluating strategies based on accurate forecasting, and optimising your product listings, we help your brand gain traction on APAC marketplaces and set your brand up for long-term success.

Need a distribution partner who will help your brand gain traction in the APAC region? Contact us.

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