5 Ways Trade Partners Accelerate Brands in the Asia-Pacific Region

Rebecca Brown

June 16, 2023


Selling your product on ecommerce marketplaces in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) can be overwhelming and exhausting. Keeping up to date with the constantly-changing country and marketplace regulations, providing quality content for your product listings, keeping inventory in stock, and providing top tier customer service are just a few of the things brands have to manage.

This is where a trade partner comes in. A trade partner helps you navigate the demands of each ecommerce marketplace, the resources to succeed, and the logistics know-how throughout the region to help your brand succeed. As a certified trade partner, Pattern has a proven track record of accelerating brands throughout the APAC region.

Based on our experience, here’s five ways a trade partner leads brands to success:

1. Provides Transparent Data

One thing that typically holds brands back from succeeding on ecommerce marketplaces is a lack of access to helpful data from the marketplaces and information from other partners to build a solid strategy. For instance, brands need transparent advertising and inventory data to understand what they should invest in and how to optimize to grow.

As a data-obsessed trade partner, Pattern provides transparent weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to its partner brands which lead to results and serve as a useful guide to make future decisions.

2. Expertise on Major Marketplaces

Breaking into a new, unfamiliar ecommerce marketplace without any guidance can be a shot in the dark for success. For brands that may be used to selling on platforms such as Amazon U.S., starting to sell on Tmall and/or Taobao is overwhelming. A trade partner helps brands successfully establish their presence in all the major marketplaces throughout APAC.

As a certified trade partner throughout the APAC region, Pattern has relationships with and experience on all the major marketplaces such as Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao, Coupang, and more. And it is Pattern’s long-standing executive relationships that help brands navigate the nuances of each marketplace.

3. Offers Local Experts and Resources

The APAC region includes diverse regulations, languages, cultures, consumer appetites, currencies, social channel preferences, and varying internet penetration, which makes it very hard for any brand to navigate alone–especially from afar. A trade partner should have local experts and resources to help brands further understand and strategize their entrance into marketplaces across APAC.

With offices throughout the region located in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne, Pattern has wide-spread and deep knowledge of each distinct market.

4. Helps Brands Expand

Once a brand is selling products successfully on APAC marketplaces, it’s essential they have a strategy in place to help their brand build awareness and grow. Brand expansion is usually done through quality marketing campaigns, holiday buzz and promotional programs, and customer interaction providing top tier service.

Pattern’s team knows the must-haves a brand should include in their international ecommerce expansion strategy. Pattern has helped many popular brands such as Thorne expand on new marketplaces as well as achieve year-over-year double digit growth during promotional holidays such as Double 11.

5. Guides Brands with a Full-Service Partnership

A full-service partnership means brands receive all the services necessary to succeed on all major ecommerce marketplaces. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising and SEO data mining and campaign planning, creative production for both imagery and video, logistics strategy, regulatory and labeling expertise, digital marketing, distribution centers, customer service, and more.

A trade partner like Pattern helps guide its partners to success. Pattern is partner-obsessed and provides experts to help in each respective channel. Their expertise includes all areas needed to help a brand succeed such as brand management, legal/regulatory, operations, marketing, SEO optimization, and more.

Choose Pattern as Your Partner

Whether you’re a brand looking to expand into APAC, or you already trade in these regions and are looking for a partner to help you succeed—Pattern can help. Expanding successfully into APAC requires a trustworthy, transparent team with wide-ranging skills in areas such as analytics specialist, trading, social media strategy, project management, and channel optimization, just to name a few.

As a certified trade partner, Pattern has all the data, local and marketplace expertise, resources, skills, and services necessary to win in focused sales regions throughout Asia-Pacific.

Discover how Pattern can become your trade partner. Contact us.

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