Digital Marketing Trends for June 2024

Nuala McBride

June 27, 2024

Ayush Jain

June 27, 2024

Digital Marketing Trends for June 2024

In our March digital marketing trends article, we featured our 5 recommended strategic focuses for 2024. These were:

  1. Drive New Customer Acquisition
  2. Engage Existing Customers
  3. Embrace AI In Your Processes
  4. Build An Omni Strategy
  5. Continuous Test & Learn Strategies


This month, we’re focusing on ‘Embracing AI In Your Processes’.


Why Embrace AI in 2024?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the integration of AI into processes is a critical strategy for staying competitive. By embracing AI, companies can streamline workflows, optimise resource allocation, and create more personalised customer experiences, driving growth and sustainability in an increasingly data-driven world. This month, we focus on the transformative potential of AI in business processes, exploring current trends and innovative tools that are shaping the industry.


Current AI Trends In The Industry 

1. Pattern PXM

Pattern’s PXM is the latest Pattern AI software that allows you to manage and create content for your brands on Amazon. PXM utilises brand-specific information, asin content, ratings, reviews and keyword data and extracts this information to provide a holistic view of your products and brand perception in the competitive landscape on Amazon.


Once the information has been approved, the tool will generate images and text based on the insights in the content brief. This combines to create a seamless start-to-finish content management and creation for Amazon.


Currently, this tool is still in beta but will be available to the public for purchase once available.

You can watch more about Pattern’s PXM here.


2. Propriety AI Tool

Creating content and written copy can be a time-consuming task for teams.  As data fanatics, our internal team has created an AI tool, developed with the latest AI models including GPT 4, Claude Sonnet and more, to support a vast range of projects and tasks, streamlining our copywriting and saving time to support client deliverables across SEO and Paid Search.

A recent SEM feed optimisation project through our new tool saw the length of our product titles increase by over 80%, while the length of our feed descriptions was expanded to x5 times their prior length on average. The results saw 38% more products getting impressions, a 13% reduction in CPCs on PMax campaigns and a 77% increase in free listing clicks WoW.


3. AI-Powered Personalisation

3. AI Powered Personalisation

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AI algorithms are being used more and more to create personalised experiences for customers by analysing data to predict user preferences and behaviours. This allows for more relevant and targeted content delivery which improves user experience and engagement. 

A prominent industry example is Temple & Webster’s use of AI-generated mood boards. Temple & Webster partnered with the interior design platform, Renovai, to implement AI technology on their website that creates a personalised mood board for shoppers. 

This recommends complementary products that pair well with the item the shopper is browsing. Combined with other enhancements, such as AI-powered chatbots and AI-generated product descriptions, Temple & Webster’s use of AI has allowed them to thrive.


4. Virtual Beauty Assistant

4. Virtual Beauty Assistant

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To enhance customer experience and provide personalised advice, many beauty companies have implemented AI-powered virtual assistants on their online platforms. Sephora’s AI-powered assistant is an example that allows users to try on makeup virtually and receive tailored style advice. This serves to provide the “in-store experience” anywhere and allows customers to make more informed purchase decisions.


5. Supply Chain Management

AI-driven analytics allows businesses to forecast demand, manage inventory, and optimise the supply chain enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning. Amazon uses AI in its warehouses and inventory management processes to forecast demand, determine product availability, optimise routes for delivery and provide personalised customer communication. 

This led to Amazon becoming one of the world’s first companies to introduce one-day delivery. Amazon’s fast and efficient delivery has become renowned across all markets through a focus on continuously evolving its supply chain to be more streamlined.


6. Google’s AI Overviews

7. Googles AI Overviews

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In May 2024, Google rolled out their much anticipated AI Overviews (AIO) to non-logged-in users in the US, as the first step towards Search Generative Experience (SGE). While the potential for this tool was designed to revolutionise search intent, many users found that the AIO responses were incorrect and misinformed, which resulted in the company facing backlash. 

An example of this that went viral on social media was an AIO answer suggesting non-toxic glue for putting on a pizza base. As a result of the backlash, Google substantially rolled back AIOs just a few weeks after its launch. Google has yet to announce its re-release, and it’s still quite unclear how Google intends to track SGE results in Google Search Console.


7. SORA for Content Creation

In February, OpenAI announced the launch of Sora, their new AI system that can artificially generate complex videos up to a minute long from text prompts submitted by the user. The high quality of the example outputs shared by OpenAI has generated a lot of excitement about the possibilities of this tool. 

Although Sora is not yet available to the public, the potential of this platform presents an exciting opportunity for all brands. The ability to streamline the video production process through this system will make it significantly easier, quicker and more cost-effective for brands to create the video assets they need for their campaigns.

Pattern is an experienced global brand accelerator, so if you want more info on the above or want to know how to transform your business with AI, contact our team now.

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Digital Marketing Trends for June 2024
Digital Marketing Trends for June 2024

In our March digital marketing trends article, we featured our 5 recommended strategic focuses for 2024. These were: Drive New Customer...

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