Global Marketplace Mgmt

Global Marketplace Management

Manage your marketplace presence with ease – Outsource content optimizations, Gather great reviews with excellent customer service, and identify global opportunities. Using our technology and team of experts, our Brand Managers take proactive steps to accelerate your brand on Amazon and other marketplaces. Sit back and enjoy weekly reports as our marketplace management team takes care of day-to-day tasks so you can focus on building a great product.

Global Marketplace Mgmt

Key Outcomes

Accelerate Growth on Marketplaces like Amazon & Beyond

Our dedicated ecommerce management service means you can focus on the big picture while we take care of your day-to-day marketplace optimization, inventory, and ASIN management. Together, we’ll execute an accelerated ecommerce strategy based on business outcomes that you prioritize.

Global Online Marketplace Management

Navigating the in’s and outs of international marketplaces is a full time job. Our Brand Managers stay up to date on the latest changes and best practices across ecommerce marketplaces to provide the best service possible—from inventory management to advertising data. Then they examine your global opportunity across all marketplace channels and international regions to help you accelerate your brand, wherever you want to sell.

Content Optimization & Performance

As marketplace experts, our Brand Managers look at the data across your image stacks, product descriptions, and advertising approach to ensure all your content is optimized to accelerate marketplace sales. Then we monitor your content performance and adjust as needed. We love finding creative solutions to your ecommerce problems.
Content Optimization
Customer Service Reviews

Customer Reviews & Satisfaction

Good reviews can make or break your success on ecommerce marketplaces—a Pattern analysis found a 1-star increase in star rating accounts for a 26% increase in conversion rate on Amazon. Our customer satisfaction team will respond to every negative review and manage your ratings on Amazon so you can focus on creating a great product. not defending it.

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Great People Means
Great Results

“Pattern has the right people in place who really know the in’s and out’s of the ecommerce landscape. This allows us to create an innovative team of people who are experts in digital capability, in the category, and at the brand level.”

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Amazing Brand

“The Brand Managers that we work with at Pattern are amazing because they understand product across multiple different markets. We partner with somebody who really understands marketing, SEO, and winning the Buy”…

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