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Performance Marketing Consulting

Our team of performance marketing experts can help accelerate your brand’s growth through a range of standalone consulting projects. Our paid search advisory services are a great alternative for brands who need internal teams upskilled, an expert to come in and review their current processes for opportunities, or an interim resource to fully manage your brand’s paid search strategy.

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Performance Marketing Audits

Before we start any performance marketing engagement, we need to assess and evaluate the current strategy. The Pattern Performance Marketing team utilises a best-in-class 100-point performance marketing audit framework to analyse your brand’s current performance across the full paid search landscape.

This comprehensive assessment includes everything from campaign set-up to ad creatives, landing page optimisation, tracking, analytics, budget allocation, and overall return on investment.

The goal of our performance marketing audit is to identify areas of improvement and provide actionable recommendations to enhance the performance and profitability of marketing efforts. Using our in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and emerging trends, we will provide your brand with valuable insights and recommendations to optimise your campaigns, increase conversion rates, and maximise revenue

Strategy Development

Without an effective paid search strategy, your brand won’t reach the right customers at the right time. At Pattern, our award-winning Paid Search team will create a bespoke strategy for your brand based on your business objectives and goals, whether it’s to drive brand awareness or generate bottom-line revenue.

Our strategy development involves analysing market trends, identifying target audiences, setting performance metrics, and determining the most effective marketing channels and tactics to reach our strategic outcomes. We consider various factors such as your budget, competition, consumer behaviour, and industry trends to maximise the return on investment across all our campaigns.

Through collaborative discussions, we can help you identify key performance indicators and set realistic forecasts. This also includes providing insights on the most powerful paid search channels and techniques to reach your target audience at every stage of the funnel.

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Performance Marketing Roadmap

Our performance marketing roadmap is the key to driving your brand’s long-term growth in Paid Search. This strategic plan outlines the steps and actions we will be undertaking to achieve success in this channel. With our performance marketing roadmap, your brand can effectively allocate its resources, optimise its marketing efforts, and ultimately drive desired outcomes such as increased sales, brand awareness, or customer engagement alongside our team of experts.

Analysing your current marketing strategies to identify areas of improvement is a key part of creating an effective roadmap. This involves conducting thorough keyword research to understand your target audience and industry trends, enabling our team to develop a tailored roadmap that aligns with your goals. To ensure the roadmap is effective and delivers the desired outcomes, we will continuously monitor and analyse the marketing campaigns, making the necessary adjustments.

Interim Support

Our expert performance marketing team can provide short-term and long-term in-house assistance to bridge any gaps or address specific needs in your brand’s digital or marketing team. We can assist with a wide range of performance marketing roles, from paid search assistants to senior managers.  We can support your brand in-house through various aspects of performance marketing such as campaign management, data analysis, optimisation, and strategic planning.

Our interim support service assists in generating immediate improvements in campaign performance and results. Our in-house performance marketing consultants will help improve conversion rates, optimise ad spending, and generate a higher ROI. We offer a range of interim engagement options, from a few days per week to long-term full-time contracts.

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Paid & Organic Search Efficiencies

By combining both paid and organic search strategies, brands can enhance their online presence, increase website traffic, and drive conversions across the full search ecosystem. We call this strategy Onesearch.

We work alongside our internal SEO team, your brand’s Organic Search team, or your external SEO agency to implement strategies that maximise both channel’s results. We assess current high-performing keywords and categories, ad creative, and optimisation opportunities alongside SEO teams, who in turn provide us with organic keyword wins and opportunities to help guide our collaborative multi-channel strategy.

This joint approach allows us to maximise your budget, putting spend towards areas that Organic Search isn’t seeing success in, while also minimising campaigns that overlap with high-performing SEO keywords.

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