67% of UK Online Shoppers Buy Gifts from Amazon

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Consumer poll reveals 58.5% of UK online shoppers now use Amazon Prime, and Amazon’s UK sales will continue to rise this year.

67% of UK Online Shoppers Buy Gifts from Amazon

London, UK – March 1, 2022 – Global ecommerce and marketplace accelerator Pattern has polled UK online shoppers for the second year to understand their changing buying behaviour; particularly in relation to Amazon.

One of the most interesting findings is that 89% of UK online shoppers bought gifts online in 2021, with 67% saying they’d bought a gift from Amazon; a higher percentage than reported buying gifts from omnichannel retailers’ websites (48%) or online-only retailers (34%).

These results support Pattern’s own Amazon UK trading data. We saw strong demand for gift items in 2021; our biggest single trading day occurred in December as UK consumers sought last-minute gifts that could be delivered in time for Christmas.

Pattern’s UK Shopper Report 2022 also found that Amazon Prime usage has increased by 17% to stand at 58.5% of all online shoppers. This is an indicator of Amazon’s future growth potential, as Prime adoption drives loyalty to the marketplace.

In 2022, 44.7% of online shoppers report having a Prime account; with a further 13.8% making use of someone else’s account. In 2021 40% had a Prime account and 10% made use of someone else’s account. The 18-24 age group are most likely to make use of someone else’s Prime account (31%), while the 35-44 age group are most likely to have their own Prime account (54%).

This, and other statistics from the survey, back up analysts’ predictions of Amazon UK’s continued attack on the market share of other retailers. EDGE By Ascential predicts that Amazon will become the largest retailer in the UK by Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in 2025.

Other findings from Pattern’s UK Shopper Report 2022 include:

Amazon UK penetration – 93% of UK online shoppers bought from Amazon in 2021 – the same rate as for 2020 – showing how Amazon has been able to retain the customers it acquired during lockdown.

Amazon UK sales predictions – The percentage of Amazon UK shoppers who intend to spend more on the platform this year compared to 2021 is greater than those who intend to spend less. 25.3% of Amazon customers expect to spend a little or a lot more on the marketplace in 2022, while 13.2% intend to spend a little or a lot less. 61.5% intend to spend about the same as 2021.

Amazon’s key role in the early stages of shopper journeys – 93% of UK online shoppers gave at least one reason for visiting Amazon in the past year that indicates they use the platform when first deciding what to buy, and where to buy it from. 63% had visited Amazon to check the price of products, 56% to look for gifts, 50% to check product information and 37% for purchase inspiration.

Pattern’s Global Head of Marketing Joanna Perry said of the report findings: “Our consumer poll results add to the growing weight of evidence that Amazon’s growth has yet to peak in the UK. In addition to direct indicators of increasing GMV, the growth in Prime usage and reliance on Amazon for product and pricing information demonstrate the marketplace’s success in making itself an essential platform for UK online shoppers.”

1,000 consumers were polled online in the UK by OnePoll during early January 2022. Participation was restricted to UK adults who had shopped online at some point in the previous 12 months.

You can download the full report here: https://info.pattern.com/uk-shopper-report-2022


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