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Pattern Tech | Summer 2023

A newsletter highlighting the innovative tech we’ve built to give our brand partners an unfair advantage in ecommerce.
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Accelerated growth requires...

a combination of tech and services focused on improving all areas of your ecommerce business. Pattern equips brands with our patented technology to wrangle the data, reveal new opportunities, and automate execution. This platform, appropriately called “Predict”, helps accelerate your ecommerce to its full potential.


Insights Report 2.0

The Insights Report is an at-a-glance, high-level overview of performance for brands and products across all marketplaces, with a focus on retail sales, units, and trends. This report has a number of improvements so you can answer and action the specific business questions you have for accelerating your growth. Watch this video for a step by step of what these updates are and see how they relate to your business on Predict.


New Marketplace Launches

Pattern continues to expand into new markets, here are some of the newest additions across the globe:
  • Noon.com in United Arab Emirates
  • Lazada in Southeast Asia
  • Catch.com.au in Australia
  • Mercado Libre in Mexico and Brazil
  • Otto.com in Germany
  • Bol.com in Netherlands


Buy Box Attribution

Winning the Buy Box is critical when selling on Amazon. Buy Box Attribution gives you a play by play of where you’ve lost based on inventory and pricing with recommendations on how you can champion the Buy Box once again. Watch the video to see what steps you can take to win back the Buy Box for your business.



Are your ad sales completely accurate? How do you know? Your ads may cannibalize sales that your brand likely would have won organically. Our proprietary metric, True ROAS, gives a more accurate representation of where your ad sales are really coming from. View the video to understand the magic of True ROAS.


Hourly Ads Results Heatmap

Ad scheduling is an automation to take advantage of when you can get the best bang for the buck on your ad spending. Your brand can now see its ad performance by the hour for each day. Find out when your ad spend is performing its best here in Predict’s Traffic tab.


Automated Review Requests

Soliciting reviews from customers on Amazon can be tricky. Predict offers automation for this process. Under the Content tab, users can select which products they’d like to solicit reviews for and set controls on what type of customer will receive the review request email. Watch the video to see how this process works.
product optimization


Products Page Optimization

product optimization

The Products tab is where users can view metrics for their specific products. It has been optimized for page load time. The largest queries had previously taken a few minutes, and are now sub-5 seconds, with many queries sub 1 second. See how quickly your Products Page will load now and dive into a world of product-specific metrics.



Destiny in Predict’s Traffic tab is our patented AI-driven approach to advertising that helps your brand maximize e-commerce growth worldwide. Destiny evaluates your competition, identifies winning keywords, and uses AI driven advertising as a catalyst to steal traffic away to your product listing. Watch the video to see how Destiny turns advertising dollars into the growth your brand is destined to see.
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Value Added Tax (VAT) Sales Adjustment

value added
Pattern wants to provide localized support for your marketplaces. Special to our European business, sales totals will now default with VAT removed, with the option to view with VAT included.

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