Why You Should Be Running Lead Generation Campaigns on Social

Shauna Mckillop

June 6, 2024

Why you should be running Lead Generation campaigns on Social

Your business is likely aware of the benefits of running paid social campaigns for brand awareness and conversion metrics. However, have you explored its potential for generating high-quality leads?

The beauty of social media is that it enables businesses to reach and connect with new audiences interested in learning more or purchasing your products, they just might need a final push to do so. This is why we recommend incorporating lead-generation campaigns in your paid social campaign mix – to capture the users who are interested in your brand or product so you can keep the conversation going and turn your cold audiences into purchasers.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have – integrating lead generation is crucial for the success of your paid social strategy and overall digital marketing strategy – and this is why.


1. Build up your customer database

Lead generation campaigns are a quick and easy way for your audience to share their contact details with your business, the data collected includes (and not limited to ) names, email addresses, phone numbers and postcodes.

But how do you encourage your audience to share all that information with you? A popular strategy includes offering an incentive, for example, an exclusive discount code or entering a competition. Each lead can then be added to your customer database, meaning they can be marketed to in the future via email or through retargeting campaigns. This can be an effective way to grow your business, as it gives you access to people who have already expressed interest in your brand and its offering.

2. Cost-effective marketing solution

Lead-generation campaigns are an extremely cost-effective solution for growing your customer base – not to mention less time-consuming! These campaigns provide a high return on investment at a low cost. They’re quick and easy to create and paid social platforms help you access a large audience of potential new customers!

The cost to obtain your leads can fluctuate from time to time, however, if your audiences are converting or more likely to engage with your email marketing, then there is the potential that the lifetime value of your customer will be more than worth the cost to obtain them.

3. Ability to target specific audience

Do you have a particular customer audience in mind that you want to reach? Lead-generation campaigns have the same powerful targeting abilities as other paid social campaigns. This means you can target individuals based on age, sex, location and specific interests. You can even create lookalike audiences of your current subscriber base to ensure you find people of similar characteristics.

Testing between audiences is important across all paid social campaigns, and for lead gen campaigns you generally want to keep them broad to tap into a cold audience and bring in new customers, but the options are endless, for example, why not try using a lead gen campaign to unsubscribers to sign back up?

4. Mobile friendly

Filling in forms on the go can prove tricky if you’re commuting to work or don’t have a laptop with you. Thankfully Meta’s lead generation ads make it quick and easy with a pop-up form that pre-populates with contact information. The easier it is to fill in your form, the higher the conversion rate you’ll see, and the fewer typos in your email database so all your contact details are correct – it’s a win-win!

5. Boosting the power of your paid social campaigns

The great thing about generating all your new leads is that you can then use them across your other paid social campaigns to create new look-a-like audiences from them or directly retarget them in campaigns that drive traffic or purchases for your business. Having a large and healthy database also allows you to segment them and get granular with your targeting to help show them content they’ll find the most relevant or cross-sell to them. Trust us you’re guaranteed to see your ROAS improve!

6. Getting prepared for a cookieless world

Saving the best for last – one of the most important reasons to start implementing lead generation campaigns is to help combat Google’s decision to remove 100% of 3rd party cookies from its Chrome browser from Q3 of 2024. Therefore, brands need to get savvy with how they communicate and then track their customers’ activity. Using paid social to increase your 1PD will be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your customer base and enable you to do this.

To know about Google’s move to a cookieless world, you can read more here!

If you want a win for your digital marketing strategy this year, paid social proves to be a high-performing and cost-effective tool for businesses aiming to grow their customer database efficiently.

Does lead generation sound like the perfect fit for your business goals? Get in touch with Pattern to find out how we can support the growth of your audience online.

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Why you should be running Lead Generation campaigns on Social
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