How the Best Seller Badge Increases Amazon Sales for Your Brand

Rachel Olsen

July 21, 2022

Amazon best seller badge

In today’s ecommerce landscape, there is growing competition on marketplaces, making it harder for brands to standout on marketplaces like Amazon. So, every advantage you can gain to set you apart from any other listing is crucial to help you win clicks and grow your sales.

At Pattern, we know that brand profitability is influenced by four aspects of the ecommerce equation: price, availability, conversion, and traffic. When you optimize for these areas, your product sales will most likely grow on any marketplace. Partnering with hundreds of global brands, we know an advantage worth pursuing on Amazon that directly connects to the ecommerce equation is the Best Seller badge.

Why the Best Seller Badge Matters

1. Best Seller Rank Indicates Strong Sales to Amazon

Amazon’s Best Seller badge is a designation given to a product ranked as the #1 seller in its category. And although the exact formula used to calculate the winner remains a mystery, we know that pricing changes, promotions, and competitive products influence Best Seller Rank (BSR) and your ability to achieve the Best Seller badge. And BSR’s biggest influence is customer sales trends and historical sales volume.

It’s also good to know that BSR is updated hourly. But, because it’s calculated using both sales trends and historical volume, BSR can stay fairly static. For example, just because a product has 10 units of sales in one hour and drops to 1 unit of sales in the next, it doesn’t mean the BSR will automatically fall. Winning the badge takes consistent effort in optimizing your sales volume, but it’s worth it for success in your long-term strategy.

2. Helps Products Stand Out in Categories and Subcategories

The best thing about the Best Seller badge is that there’s one for every category and subcategory on Amazon. This is impactful because there’s much more room to compete for the badge and succeed than many brands think. If the badge was only available for Amazon’s 36 main categories, the sheer number of available products compared with the vastly lower number of badges would make attaining the #1 spot for a product’s category a daunting task for most brands.

But, with the many more opportunities available to win, the badge is much more achievable. Competing products that share a category can both possess the Best Seller badge if they’re winning under different subcategories, helping brands gain leverage over competitors and momentum in winning sales.

One of Pattern’s key advantages for brands is our data-driven approach to ecommerce success. Our proprietary technology is specially tailored to find key niches for products to gain ground on Amazon and across global marketplaces. For things like achieving Best Seller badge, we help brands analyze subcategory options, determine products’ competitive ability, and then identify the best opportunities for them to start growing their rankings and stand out to consumers.

How Best Seller Rank Improves Profitability for Your Brand

1. Drives More Traffic

Amazon’s Best Seller badge is important to your brand and products because it drives more traffic to your listings, a key component of the ecommerce equation that drives profitability. Best Seller badge products not only show up higher on search pages, they increase your glance views by an average of 45%.

There’s a reason Amazon issues a Best Seller badge in the first place—your sales make them more successful. And showing consumers top products for their searches with an eye-catching graphic helps to draw eyes and communicate value fast. As you funnel more traffic to your listings, you’ll increase momentum for your products’ success in the ecommerce equation.

2. Increases Conversions

We also know that the Best Seller badge increases conversions, though not as dramatically as it does traffic. Products with the badge tend to experience a 3% increase. And every win in conversions strengthens your products’ profitability.

It’s also worth keeping in mind, too, that ecommerce conversions are a difficult win to come by—it’s hard to convince a person that they should purchase something they can’t feel with their own hands or try before buying. Users have limited ways of developing trust with your product in their short decision-making period, and having the Best Seller badge, like having mostly positive reviews and great creative assets, is a valuable way to reinforce the message that your product really is worth buying.

Pattern Accelerates Brands Using the Ecommerce Equation

At Pattern, we know what it takes to achieve your potential profitability. We have the historical success with hundreds of global brands and true expertise to be able to say with certainty that when you optimize your traffic, conversion, price, and availability for your products, you can grow your performance on any ecommerce marketplace.

And, partnered with our data insights, proprietary technology, and seasoned teams, we can help you succeed wherever your ecommerce strategy takes you.

Contact us to optimize your success on Amazon and achieve your Best Seller badge.

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