Accelerate Summit 2022: Showcasing the Secret of Successful Ecommerce

Rachel Olsen

June 28, 2022

Accelerate Summit 2022

Accelerate, the global ecommerce acceleration summit presented by Pattern, is an annual event that brings together top brands, agencies, marketplaces, and accelerators for two days to learn, network, and experience what’s possible on ecommerce and global marketplaces. The Accelerate Summit is filled with ecommerce presentations, immersive panel sessions, compelling keynote speakers, and topic-based networking.

What is the Secret of Ecommerce? The People Behind the People

As an ecommerce executive, have you ever sketched out the process of your online sales? Outlined each individual step in the process, the number of transactions taking place, the amount of goods exchanged, and then added up the number of teams (specifically the number of people) involved? Do you know all those people? Because ecommerce is not about the product, it is about the people—who are the true spirit of your brand. Ecommerce is a miracle, not because of the technology, but because of the people behind the people.

Executing successful ecommerce requires a well orchestrated process with multiple teams of people working together in perfect synchronization to make every step of ecommerce happen. As an ecommerce leader, it is extremely important to understand that it is not the work of a few who get the job done, but the work of thousands who deserve recognition and credit for your brand’s success.

Who was at mission control when the US landed on the moon? How many early mornings did Debbie Phelps take Michael to swim practice? Who are the engineers who helped Steve Jobs launch the first iPhone? How many names are buried deep in the credits for the Titanic?

Watch this video to understand the people behind the people. The quiet geniuses, the unsung heroes, the teams who put in the time without the face time, the shoulders legends stand on—those who accelerate us.



The People Behind the People Explained at Accelerate

We all know names like Doug McMillan, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos—leaders of some of the best-known brands and products in the world. But do you know the people behind those people?

But what about the people behind those people? There are teams of dozens, if not hundreds, of people who make every ecommerce brand, and all its retail channels, run smoothly.  Everyone from Executive Vice Presidents to the heroic fulfillment workers have to do their job well, exceptionally well, to continue driving the company forward.

Accelerate put a spotlight on and celebrated all the people behind the people from every brand and business, in all roles across ecommerce. As leaders, it is our job to also showcase the secret to ecommerce success and celebrate and accelerate those around us to innovate, to grow, to change the industry. It is without a doubt that the miracle of and innovation within ecommerce is the contribution of all of us, all of your people, every day.

The People Behind Pattern

As the world’s premier ecommerce accelerator, Pattern knows the importance of having great people at every level, across every aspect of a brand’s ecommerce. We invest in our people so we can provide the greatest support for your people. When we work with brands, we become an extension of your ecommerce team and take on your brand’s unique challenges so we can be the shoulders for your brand to stand on.

Let’s partner to be the people behind your people. Contact us today.

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