5 Ways to Increase Product Listing Conversions on Amazon

Rachel Olsen

August 18, 2023

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With the rise of Amazon’s popularity and the growing global ecommerce movement, brands are taking a hard look at their ecommerce strategy, some for the first time, and looking for ways to make online channels work for them, rather than against them.

The way to make your Amazon business more profitable is to optimize each factor in the Ecommerce Equation: price x traffic x conversions = profitability. When you have the right resources to really effectively execute on proven conversion strategies, you’ll see higher profitability from your Amazon sales.

Here are the six strategies brands need to follow for high conversions on Amazon:


1. Make Your Titles Strategically Descriptive

Titles are a critical factor in driving conversions because they influence consumers’ initial click to your listing from the Amazon search results page. It’s important to be strategic in how you describe your products in their titles—there’s a delicate balance to achieve between using the right keywords and describing your product effectively.

Remember that titles should:

  • Cater to Amazon’s algorithm with the right keywords
  • Correctly orient consumers about what your product is
  • Stay within Amazon’s 200 character limit
  • Help direct the right traffic to your listing with the right descriptive words

Above all else, titles are about functionality for both the Amazon platform and the real people that are accessing your listing.


2. Follow Image and Video Stack Best Practices

Through over 10 years of ecommerce experience, we’ve learned that most people look at every photo and video associated with your product listings. If these same people were encountering your products in a store, they would first need to understand what your product is, then what features it has and how it and the brand fit into their life before being able to make a decision on whether or not to purchase it. Your photo/video stack is your chance to accomplish that communication virtually.

For better product listing conversions, make sure that your image/video stack follows these guidelines:

  • Your first image should have a blank, white background to help the customer focus on understanding what your product is.
  • The following photos should tell a story. What is the key point of differentiation of your product among similar items? What is the branding and functionality associated with this project? Does it align with the target consumer?
  • Lastly, your image stack should have a video. Video is critical because it compliments your photos in telling your brand story effectively and communicating value to your customers, especially if your product could benefit from a demo of how to use it or how its features work.

More specific strategic direction for photo and video changes drastically depending on the type of product you’re trying to sell, its category, how well-known your brand is, and many other factors.


3. Provide Key Details in Descriptions

Your description section—the list of bullets that give more details about your products—are similar to titles in that they’re a great place to work on your keyword placement to get traffic to your listing, but also need to be helpful and readable for people who want to understand more about your products before deciding to buy.

Think of your product listing descriptions as your virtual shelf or merchandising space. Your description is vital to a great conversion strategy, but doesn’t need to tell a story the way the image stack and A+ content sections of your listing need to.

4. Drive Your Branding Home With A+ Content

A+, meant to showcase your brand below the fold of your product listing, can be a game-changer for establishing legitimacy and driving home your branding to consumers.

With A+ content, keep in mind that:

  • This section isn’t product-specific—it’s a great space to highlight many aspects of your brand.
  • A+ content is a great way to increase cross-shopping opportunities. When done well, consumers can better understand and access your overall product offerings.
  • Great A+ content establishes trust with buyers who may be nervous to buy brand-name products through Amazon for fear of encountering fraudulent products and unauthorized sellers
  • Some A+ content is brand-heavy, some is product-heavy, and some is a mix. Working with experts, like Pattern’s teams, can help you decide what kind of A+ content is right for you.


Carefully Monitor Reviews

Reviews are critical to increasing conversions on Amazon. Consumers will often compare products first by price and product qualities. If those two things seem very similar between products, reviews will determine which product a consumer decides to purchase.

Knowing this, Amazon has programs many brands, especially new ones, can use to encourage customer reviews for their products. Working with a seller with Brand Representative status (like Pattern) can also help you to gain access to more avenues to increase reviews for your products.

Keep in mind, too, that seller reviews influence conversions as well. Consumer reviews are more influential, but it’s important to monitor seller reviews as well when optimizing your product listings for conversions.


Improve Your Amazon Product Listing Conversions with Pattern

Each aspect of your Amazon product listings that you can optimize for better conversions will tip the scales in your favor and lead to better profitability on the platform. As you combine better conversions with better traffic and a dialed in pricing strategy, you’ll be in a great position to capture the highest performance from your Amazon listings and syndicate your products to more marketplaces, both domestically and internationally.

As a top seller on Amazon, Pattern knows how to optimize product conversions on the platform. With Brand Representative status, an in-house studio team, and top Amazon expert teams, we can help your listings to perform better on Amazon.

Get in touch here to learn more.

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